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Hi, this is Mark Rushton of - thanks for listening to my podcast of original or live ambient and electronic music and field recordings. This is Podcast #143 produced on Sunday, November 18 of 2018.


As of November 3rd, 2018, I am affiliated with and have paintings at the Leopold Gallery in Kansas City, in the Brookside neighborhood, at 324 W 63rd St. If you're in the Kansas City area, stop by and have a look. My paintings are available for viewing at their web site: That's Link is in the description. Leopold Gallery is also coordinating any private commissions.

While that's big news, you're listening to this podcast because of the ambient sounds. Along those lines, I've been releasing new tracks every couple of weeks. If you follow me on Spotify and listen to the weekly Spotify Release Radar playlist, you've probably noticed this. Following me on Spotify is the easiest way to find out about new tracks.

Eventually, after I've released 7 or 8 singles, these tracks will be compiled and released as an album. For the foreseeable future, this is how I plan to release new music: a new single track every couple of weeks with an album every 3 to 4 months.

Right now, in this podcast, I'll play portions of those singles.

First up is a snippet from "Refactoring Rainy Dreams", then part of "Starwaves", followed by a section of "Radio Transmission From the Large Magellanic Cloud, then "Docking in Outer Space", and finally a portion of my forthcoming single, to be released on November 22nd, "Deep Hover".

Thanks for listening. I'll be back soon with another podcast.


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