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Hi, this is Mark Rushton of - thanks for listening to my podcast of original or live ambient and electronic music and field recordings. This is Podcast #139 produced on Friday, August 31 of 2018.

In this podcast, I'm revisiting and extending a piece I made in 2012 for the Disquiet Junto. This was from the fourth Junto, started on January 31st of 2012, and involved remixing sounds from Marcus Fisher's track "Never There", originally released on his 2012 album, Collected Dust.

While I had all the project files that Fisher originally provided, some of the loops I added in 2012 have become lost, and so I had to leave them out. Then I repeated some sections and extended it out to nearly 10 minutes. If you want, you can hear my original remix on SoundCloud - a link is in the description.

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Thanks for listening. I'll be back soon with another podcast.


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