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I had to consider what edges the music has that might be smoothed out, what drama it has that might be subsumed. I was to consider how I might do such things while retaining something that is inherently listenable.

So I reworked Sevenism's track "midnight solo (falling leaf) disquiet0350" - (a link to that track is in the description) which was mostly quiet piano playing

The version I posted for the 351st Disquiet Junto was 2 minutes long. This is the 20 minute version.

Sevenism has given me permission to post this version in the podcast.

I'm also including a link in the description to Sevenism's discography on Bandcamp and Spotify, which is rather considerable. He's released 32 albums so far in 2018: and


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Thanks for listening. I'll be back soon with another podcast.



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